Hypnosis Relieves Allergies

Although the arrival of fall brings cooler weather and more time inside, it also triggers the release of plant pollens (specifically ragweed) that cause allergies. Hay fever affects about 10-15% of adults in industrialized nations. To treat this, people turn to medications such as antihistamines, decongestants and sometimes steroids. But these can cause side-effects such as drowsiness, a dry mouth and raised blood pressure.

Allergies are a response that the brain initiates. When it perceives that a substance (pollen, cats, etc.) is life threatening it produces histamines in an effort to protect the body.

But in many cases, the brain is making a mistake. Allergies can often be completely released with hypnosis because we help the brain create a new reaction to allergenic substances.

When the new information or suggestion is accepted in the subconscious mind, the allergy will often go away… sometimes overnight.

I have seen clients release allergies, even severe ones, in just a few sessions.

Allergies respond very favorably to placebo tests, meaning that a sugar pill – or even an inhaler filled with only water – often make the allergic response non-existent in the body. This means that if the brain believes it is not allergic, it turns off the reaction.

Natural allergy treatments such as homeopathy and hypnosis have shown significant results in treating allergies. Hypnosis, just like meditation or yoga but in a much faster and easier fashion, provides allergy relief because it can help turn off the minds reaction to perceived harmful substances.

With hypnosis, you will become much more relaxed, which can help prevent allergy attacks. It will also greatly reducing the symptoms. Specific hypnotheraputic techniques exist which you can use on your own, can stop an allergy attack before it starts.

A team of Swiss researchers suggests through their research that simply focusing one’s thoughts on allergen-free environments can reduce symptoms of hay fever by one-third. Using this practically, the study participants imagined they were in a place where allergies do not torture them and their symptoms either lessened or went away.

If seasonal allergies are giving you a hard time, set up an appointment with Christy, our resident hypnotist and see what hypnosis can do for you.

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