Over 75% of the population believe reincarnation…

Despite the skepticism surrounding this fascinating subject those who have had proof of their own previous existence just know in their own mind that this has actually happened for them and it can be a life-changing experience.

Some of us are just ‘drawn’ toward this path of discovery and the revelations that followed often change people’s lives forever in a holistic and positive way.

Many of us have heard or read about other people’s Near Death Experiences (NDE) – specifically about how their quality of life dramatically improved afterwards.

Past Life Regression is a spiritual approach that can empower you to create and manifest change. This post is designed to help anyone wanting to learn more about how to uncover their past lives.

Past Life Regression has been featured on “Oprah” with Brian Weiss and has allowed us an opportunity to look beyond our current reality and into what “could have been” before. Past Life therapy can assist in healing trauma, pain, illness, fears, habits, addictions, phobias and more. Some people come in for a PLR session to have a clearer understanding of their life purpose on earth this time around.

Past Life Regression not only has the potential for allowing an individual to recall the past experiences, but it also opens the door to deeper levels of the mind where communication between the spiritual and logical selves takes place. It is through this access that we can understand who and what were are in relation to the universal connection.

Do you have a specific problem in life which seems to crop up at certain intervals – with no idea why you are reacting in such a way?

Past Lives & Present Symptoms:

Many times the symptoms we feel are said to be “all in your head” by a doctor. If there are no physiological or psychology reasons for the issue, then past-life exploration would be a wonderful way to uncover cell memory of a past trauma. Often a Past Life Regression can reveal the “root cause” of a present symptom, injury or chronic illness. A fear of water could be related to a drowning in a past-life. Birthmarks and deformities could be the physical point of entrance in the body at the time death, such as a stabbing or gunshot wound.

One woman, I’ll call Clare, felt unable to express her opinions and views – she would blush profusely and instantly when asked her thoughts on any matter, regardless of its importance. During the session, she went back to a previous lifetime where she was burned as a “witch” because her ideas were different from those in the area where she lived.

Following up with her revealed that she was able to express herself without fear – but far more important to her was that she could do so without blushing.

If you are interested in this fascinating and healing aspect, make an appointment today.

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