I've been doing really well since our session, and I continue to marvel at the elegance of it. I feel like I got more out of that hour and a half than out of my entire Tapping Into Wealth Coach Training program so far, which has really been great. It's just that you were able to lead me right to something fundamental that cut through a lot of BS. So far since then I've been practicing, practicing, practicing and getting good feedback, and the time is coming when I must actually stop practicing and start charging!

JM in New York

I have had one migraine episode since my session with you. The night that happened, I was concerned that I wouldn't get back to sleep and I had to be up and out early. I went to my comfortable chair and started my visualization (I repeated my session from memory.) After a few minutes I went back to bed and fell asleep immediately.

Since then, I've had no problems at all. I just did a session and feel great. Very rested and very energetic. This is the longest I've gone without a headache in months! So far, I'm really happy about what's happening....or not happening!

~ F.M. in Holly Springs

I listened to half of your uninterrupted sleep recording this morning… Great job Christy! You did an awesome job! Your voice is very hypnotic, Thank you for creating it and for sharing it with me. I look forward to trying it tonight ?

J.C. in Canada

I'm doing good. I am not anxious at all with driving. I do not get panicky or overwhelmed thinking about it either.  Prior to session, I wouldn't even want to think about going on the highway. I feel like something shifted in me to not have those thoughts anymore. Also, the monster (panic attacks) have not come back either.

Thank you for your help.

~ HC

Through the use of hypnosis, Christy helped me realize that my past was not affecting me anymore. I was able to understand the perspective of some unfavorable childhood memories, and move forward living out my true passion in helping others without fear or anxiety. Christy is compassionate, understanding, and has a talent for looking at your situation and guiding you into resolution. So thankful for her services.

Pam B. in Houston, Texas

I am doing so much better and I think our sessions really helped me process the trauma of the car accident. I am now driving my new Toyota Highlander. It’s got room to grow!

The anxiety that plagued me is mostly gone and the urinary symptoms are 90% better. Thank you for helping me process through all of my old wounds. I feel free and clear and ready to enjoy life again!

I will be sure to reach out if I need more of your help.

J.M. in Fuquay-Varina

The session left me feeling better than I have felt in…well in a long time.

~ Linda M

Wouldn't drive over bridges, but after one session....

"I tested myself driving on elevated roads.  I still had the feeling, but it was only about a 1-2*, as opposed to the 8-10* it was before.  I now plan my routes to encounter the elevated roads instead of avoiding them."

* On a scale of 0 to 10 Subjective Units of Distress (SUDS)

~ DA

I'm doing well– I feel good about our session and have been feeling good since, as well. I think I've noticed that kind and compassionate behaviors toward myself and others seem to be coming with less effort or even contemplation. This morning my wife and I had a really good conversation about the state of our marriage (which is not great) and how we are going to move forward to bring it back to life. I think our session definitely played a role in making that conversation possible.

Ryan W. in Pennsyvania