What is Self Hypnosis?

When hypnosis is performed by a hypnotist or by listening to a CD, it is called “hetero-hypnosis.” When hypnosis is performed solely by you, it is referred to as “self-hypnosis.” Self-hypnosis is very beneficial when working with general self-improvement issues. It is not recommended for more serious or deep-seated mental or emotional concerns.

Self-hypnosis is governed by two laws of suggestibility in order for it to work. The Law of Association* and the Law of Repetition*. The more you use self-hypnosis in your daily life the more effective and rapid these changes will be.

In order to learn self-hypnosis, you must first establish a series of “anchors” or signals for the mind and body to go into a trance-like state. These anchors are in the form of a keyword such as relax, calm or focus, deep breathing techniques and a physical reminder such as touching your thumb and fingers together to initiate your trance. When combined with a hypnotic countdown such as 5 to 0 into the subconscious mind, a person can then enlist a series of positive suggestions for physical, mental and emotional stages well-being.

Understanding the power of the mind and how our subconscious programming and habits are formed is a beneficial tool for people of all ages. This knowledge can make all the difference in the world in creating success, happiness, and prosperity.

If you would like to try some self-hypnosis, you may try it for free here.

* You may check out the Laws of Suggestibility on the FAQ page.

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